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Why you NEED to be Implementing Reels into your Instagram Strategy

You know those short form videos that are all the rage right now? Remember Vine? Yeah, well that turned into TikTok and now Instagram is coming to not only play, but compete too. TikTok, originating in China, became a sensation in the United States somewhere around late 2018 and early 2019. This being said, in early 2020 when the pandemic hit, the app really took off. It seemed as though almost every tween, teen and young adult were using this app, and many were becoming “TikTok famous”. With TikTok generating hundreds of millions users, Instagram knew that they had to adapt quickly- hello Reels!

What are Reels and why should brands and businesses utilize them in their social media strategy? Firstly, reels are short form videos (15- 30 seconds long) that allow users to set their video to music as well as use text to get their message across in a short yet very effective way. Reels have taken center stage on the Instagram platform and contribute to brands going viral and increasing exposure.

And here is the million dollar question: why should you be implementing reels into your Instagram strategy?

1. Reels Make your Brand More Personal.

Reels provide an opportunity for your followers and potential customers to get to know you on a more personal level. Many businesses can be timid when it comes to getting personal but the simple fact is…authenticity is key. This can come in many forms which can include showing your face, doing a behind the scenes tour, taking your followers through your everyday tasks, and lastly, even showing up as you are while dancing and having fun. Reels give brands and businesses the ability to connect and engage more with their audience through all of these aspects. Reels present brands the opportunity to allow the consumer to trust the mission behind the brand.

2. Reels are ALL the Rage.

As we highlighted, TikTok recently became a hit amongst the digital world, which led Instagram to create reels in order to catch up. Reels are the new forms of Instagram stories when it comes to popularity. In 2016, stories were introduced to the platform and only 150 million users were utilizing them. Now, more than 500 million people use Instagram stories daily. It is predicted that we will see the same thing happen with reels. Additionally, reels have a permanent home on your profile grid whereas stories exist for 24 hours.

3. Reels Show the Fun and Creative Side of your Business.

Reels tend to be much more informal videos than IGTV videos. As said before, reels allow your brand to show it’s humanity. They allow you to show your fun and creative side (yes, even if you are a business). The truth is, people love light-hearted, creative content. Why? Because most people don’t go on social media to get bogged down and sad. No, they want to be uplifted, inspired, and hopefully smile. So, if you can, make your reels as motivating and fun as possible, we are sure your consumers would love to see it.

4.The Algorithm Loves Reels.

When you open the Instagram app, you probably notice the bombardment of everything that is reels. Instagram does not lack when it comes to trying to get you to see reels content. There are several ways you can access reels- through the home screen (yes, it replaced the photo posting button), through your own profile, on the reels tab, or within your Instagram stories.

Instagram boost reels, which allows more access for views. Reels also have a much longer “shelf life.” For instance, you may have noticed that weeks after posting a reel, it may start to become active again. This is because reels is instagram’s latest feature which means promotion for reels has greater longevity.

5. Reels are a Big Seller.

As many are familiar, Instagram is one of the most influential platforms to market your brand and business. Many brands are now promoting themselves through reels and/or partnering with an influencer to promote their brand/ product through the short-form videos. The collaboration on reels with both influencers and brands have proven to be an excellent marketing strategy and allows for exposure. Lastly, reels offer an opportunity to educate your consumer on what your business has to offer and what you have expertise in. So, if you didn’t think reels were good for business, guess again- marketing is booming thanks to short form video content.

So, if you haven’t started implementing reels, then what are you waiting for?! Real talk- if you are still sleeping on this feature, use this as a sign to trust yourself and get started!! We are here to help you get started as you watch your Instagram GROW!


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