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  • Sabrina Samedi

Why We Decided to Offer Social Media Management Services and Who We Are

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

Castle & Rook now offers social media services! New year, who this right? But in all seriousness, we are a company that believes in adapting to the times and growing to meet as well as collaborate with our clients’ needs. We understand that it can be difficult, let alone overwhelming to keep up with brand expectations and engagement on a daily basis. Thus, we are here to help. We are here to remind you that you are not alone. Social media is more than simply creating an aesthetically appealing profile- though a consistent format, color schedule, photo presets and font never hurt anyone. Social media is a dynamic tool that allows for your business to grow while creating community through engagement. Social media allows for consumers to feel as if they know the personality behind the brand which increases exposure in addition to brand loyalty. Consumers are now able to support businesses through more than simply an instant sale, but when able to identify brands they believe in. Consumers are able to rally support and community engagement through likes and shared posts which drives the point of marketing in the digital age home. Here at Castle & Rook we offer social media services on a number of platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and/or Pinterest. Our services entail content creation, campaign management and execution, social engagement and brand management.

  • Content Creation- when we say we will help create your content, we mean it! We will create platform-specific content dependent on your brand whether it be in the form of text posts, videos, or graphics.

  • Social Engagement- We want your audience to like, save, comment, and DM you based on the content they see on your platform. In many instances, when it comes to brand loyalty, it is quality over quantity, Thus, Followers are not everything, it is engagement that counts!

  • Marketing campaigns- social media is a platform, when utilized appropriately is meant to educate, entertain, network and sell. Thus, social media marketing is how many companies adapt to their audiences’ needs- how they gain information, how they shop and how they can show support for your brand.

  • Brand development and reputation management- content ranging from photos, text, organic designs and spotlights along with community- driven tools are only the beginning of brand development. We are here to maintain your reputation, comment and engagement with followers and ultimately build and maintain trust within your community.

  • Other day-to-day activities- we mentioned responding to your followers and content creation, right? Well, that’s not all we do… we are also here to do the background work, deal with the analytics, and help you create realistic social goals and plans for your business.

In short, we want to help people save their time and energy because we know figuring out social media can be A LOT of work. We’ve been there. We get it. We are on team YOU! Therefore, we can help brands and individuals execute effective social media strategies while they focus on the other elements of building their business.

So now you may be asking… who are the social media managers and how can I trust them with my platform? Well, let’s introduce them..

Meet our Social Media Managers: Riley and Sabrina

Before Castle & Rook, Riley was a social media manager for a coffee and wellness business, and has two years of management experience under her belt. She was hired to revamp Castle and Rook’s social media accounts but then we couldn’t just let her go. She is a talented powerhouse that also aides in website development, outreach, and blog content. Managing social media accounts has become a passion of hers and something she takes pride in. And the fact that she gets to do it with her friend Sabrina makes it that much better!

And, well that’s me! I’d like to say that I’m honing in on the craft of wearing multiple hats at once. Though you will quite literally almost always find me in a beanie- cozy vibes for life! For me, work is passion and I happen to have lots of passions so I consider myself very lucky. At Castle & Rook, I am a team supervisor, fulfill our HR and accounting needs and oversee Riley on social media accounts. This isn't my first marketing rodeo. I’ve been in marketing for many moons, I love building client relationships. What can i say? I’m a bit of an extravert and relationships are my thing. I love my team and I hope they know I am their biggest cheerleader! I also dabble with writing every now and again. It’s been fun saying hi!

So, now that you know a little bit about us and what we do, if you or anyone you know needs help with their social media account(s), please feel free to reach out and let us know!

We look forward to hearing from you!


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