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  • Riley Glasgow

How Different Generations Are Using Social Media

We get it. It can be hard to market your business or product to different generations of people. This being said, everyone is using social media nowadays. Yes, every age. Well, maybe not every age, but at least the people who are old enough to hold and use a phone. It is now a fact that at least 80% of every generation uses social media at least once a day. Social media is part of every generation's daily routine. These social media platforms include Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Reddit. Different generations are drawn to various social media platforms that correlate with the types of content people prefer and what they hope to gain from their time online. Still, across all generations, images remain the most popular type of content despite the massive increase in video content.

So why do people use social media? To list a few: staying in touch with friends and family, finding a sense of community, searching for solutions to problems or information, looking for ideas or inspiration, entertainment, promoting professional endeavors, marketing, and expanding one's professional network. Each generation leans toward various social media platforms for many different reasons. Still, people's preference for social media platforms has less to do with their age and more so with their personality. However, we do see patterns throughout the generations.

Gen Z

  • Gen Z goes to social media for inspiration and to boost their self-esteem.

  • They are by far the generation that is most influenced by influencer marketing because they look to social media for inspiration.

  • Despite them not having as much wealth as other generations, they are more willing to hit the buy button when shopping through social media.

  • They are more likely to consume entertaining content.

  • The most popular social media platform amongst Gen Z is Instagram.


  • Millennials use social media for shopping, communicating, and updating other people on their lives.

  • They care more about their values and are more likely to follow someone or a brand that supports a cause.

  • When complaining about a product, business, or service, they take to social media. This being said, they also use platforms to ask for help from customer service or to promote a brand they like!

  • This generation is very likely to shop on social media due to convenience and be influenced by influencer marketing.

  • The most popular social medium amongst this group is Instagram.

Gen X

  • Gen X uses social media to share pictures and updates, but they don't broadcast their personal life too much.

  • They like to spend their time on social media connecting with friends and researching information.

  • They love their independence and also value making intelligent purchase decisions after careful online research.

  • The most used social medium amongst this generation is Facebook.


  • Boomers use social media to share pictures and updates. Yet, it is important for them to keep their social life and work-life separate.

  • They are less likely to have multiple social media accounts.

  • Their social media platforms of choice are LinkedIn, Facebook, and Youtube.

  • They have embraced social media for communication and research, and a lot of their research is done through videos.

  • They are the generation that is most likely to share other people's content.

  • The most popular social mediums amongst Baby Boomers are Youtube and Facebook.

So, what do all these facts mean for you marketers out there? Basically, you NEED to know your audience; understanding how their age demographic uses social media is essential. What platforms do they use? How are they most influenced? What type of content do they engage with? What are their values? These are all important questions as they will help guide you in how and where to market your brand/ business.

p.s. Do you need help with targeting your ideal audience or your social media strategy? Reach out to us; we are always here to help!


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