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  • Riley Glasgow

The Four Rules We Live by as a Team, as a Business, and as a Business on Instagram

We have four rules when it comes to Instagram, but moreso, they are our own favorite mantras. So what exactly are these four rules you may ask? Well, they are pretty much our non-negotiables and we’re pretty stubborn about sticking to them.


We value authenticity. It defines us- it’s who we are as a company. That is just the cold, hard truth. Trying to be like everyone else is just extremely boring so be YOU. Ask yourself what really matters to you and no one else, then do that. Also PLEASE, stop using the "fake it till' you make it mentality". Brands should be built on trust and understanding, and I promise you… clients/followers/customers/friends/etc. will see right through you when you’re not being true to yourself or true to them. There is no need to fake anything because you will succeed as long as you are being yourself. So once again, stop trying to be like everyone else, instead believe in yourself and your strengths. People know when you aren't being true to yourself, and it ain't cute. What is, you are wondering? Being confident in yourself and what you bring to the table, plain and simple.


In terms of social engagement, your followers are your community- supporting your business through more than simply purchasing your products and/or services. Support shows up as likes, discussions and reposts- your community is spreading the word. However, support is a two-way street. Your community members have your back and just like with friends outside the digital world, you need to have theirs. This ultimately means making them feel valued because they ARE. Think of it like this... would you blatantly ignore your friend in real life? We are hoping the answer is no. So apply this to instagram and don't ignore your followers either...respond to comments, messages, and show your online community they are appreciated! If it weren’t for your community of followers, you would not be where you are now or making progress to get where you want to go. So show them immense gratitude. Lastly, show that the time and energy they invest into you and your content, is not time and energy wasted. You matter to them, so show them that they matter to you. It is the least you can do.


Knowing your worth goes hand in hand with authenticity. So let us first remind you of one thing real quick... YOU are valuable just as you are; please don't let anyone tell you differently. You really have to know and believe this, not just in everyday life, but especially with business on an online platform. You need to have confidence in yourself and charge your worth!! So what exactly does charging your worth mean? It means, allowing your talents, your skills and your expertise shine. In our humble opinion, you know what is fair for your time, energy, investment and skillset. Yes, definitely be open to collaborating with supportive community members, but don’t sell yourself short. Listen to your intuition, know your worth!


We hate to break it to you, but followers are not everything especially if your Instagram is your business or main way of marketing. Trust us when we tell you it is much more valuable to have 200 followers and 10 clients than 20k followers and 3 clients. And the quality vs. quantity debate does not only pertain to followers, but also to content as well. Is what you are giving your community valuable? It is much more important to create good, meaningful content that people can connect with, which in turn creates a lasting impact on them. Ask yourself- are you focusing more on followers or true connections? And are you focused on how much content you can get out to your audience, or the quality of it? Think about it and then adjust accordingly.

We are grateful for our non-negotiables as they are our north stars in business and in life. We are grateful for our community members and would love to connect with you, learn from you and exchange ideas! Please, keep in touch!


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